Personal information

Next of Kin

Seagoing Experience

Vessel 1

Vessel 2

Vessel 3

Vessel 4

Vessel 5

Passports / Documents

Seaman's I.D. Book

Travel Passport

Other Seaman’s Books


Certificate Of Competency

Watch keeping or endorsement (if applicable)

GMDSS Operator (if applicable)

Basic STCW

Personal survival techniques A-VI / 1-1

Fire prevention & Fire fighting A-VI / 1-2

Elementary first aid

Personal safety & social responsibility A-VI / 1-4

Survival crafts & rescue boats A-VI / 2-1

Shore-based Fire Fighting

Special STCW

Fast rescue boats A-VI / 2-2

Advanced fire fighting A-VI / 3

Medical first aid A-VI / 4-1

Medical care A-VI / 4-2

HAZMAT in bulk B-V / b

HAZMAT in package B-V / c


ISM Code

ISPS Familiarization

ISPS – Ship Security Officer

Security Awareness Training

Training for Seafarers Designated Security Duties

Additional STCW

Basic Training For Oil And Chemical Tanker

Advanced Training For Oil Tanker Cargo Operations

Advanced Training For Chemical Tanker Cargo Operations

Crude oil Washing

Inert Gas System

Radar/ARPA (for deck officers)

Radar A-II/1 A -II/2


Team and Resources Management

Bridge Team Management

Engine Team Management